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DMV Drive Test (Use our car)

Students may use our car for the DMV drive test.


In order to use The Delta School of Driving vehicle for a drive test the following apply:

  • Schedule: We will schedule the test for you, to fit with our schedule
  • Location: We only test at Stockton, Lodi and Manteca DMV’s
    (whichever DMV is closest to your address)
  • Evaluation: You will be picked up one hour before your scheduled drive test. During this hour you will be evaluated by the instructor to ensure that you are ready for the drive test. If the instructor has any doubt that you are ready for the test you will not be taken to the DMV and the remainder of your 2-hour appointment will be used as a practice session and reduced in price to the cost of a 2-hour lesson.
  • Fee: The fee paid for your session is non-refundable

The use of our training car for testing is a courtesy that we provide to our students. These terms are non-negotiable.

If you agree to these terms you are welcome to use our car for the fee listed above (prices are subject to change)

Thank you