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Steps to Driving

Steps to Driving for Minors

  1. Complete Driver Education (Online or In-Classroom)
  2. Visit the DMV, take written test, get permit. At the DMV you must present your original birth certificate, ss card and you must fill out a DMV application online either before going to the DMV or at the DMV. If both parents are not present at the DMV a paper DL44 should be presented signed by both parents, a Driver education completion certificate DL400B and proof of California residency (mortgage statement or utility statement).

    Any information provided pertaining to going to the DMV is the latest information we have been given by the DMV.

  3. Schedule your first two-hour appointment Online or call us at (209) 478-9844

  4. Complete first two-hour appointment.
  5. Begin parent/student training.
  6. Schedule additional lessons when ready.
  7. Complete 50 hours with parent, ten of those hours must be night driving.

    You must hold permit for a minimum of six months and one day from the date of issue before you can take a driving test to receive a driver license.

    The first two-hour lesson validates your permit to drive with any California licensed driver 25 years of age or older. The additional two lessons can be spaced out over the 6-12 months that you will hold your permit.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Lessons are paid for in cash when the instructor picks you up for your appointment or with credit card, over the phone, in advance.

Go to www.dmv.ca.gov to schedule appointments for written test to get a permit, or for a driving test to get your driver license. You can also find practice written tests on the DMV web site.

A twenty-four hour notice is required to change or cancel a scheduled appointment. Failure to give notice could result in a stand-up fee.

Plan ahead to schedule your drive lesson.